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Friday, April 11, 2014

Want a little bit of an incentive to lose weight? Try my next Dietbet!

I love Dietbet.  I first started using them almost a year and a half ago when people asked me about challenges for my facebook fan page.

At first I wasn't so sure but I read up on it and it seemed like a slightly challenging game and the reward would come from all of you instead of me trying to find sponsors.


So what is it?

~ You join a game....the one I'm heading up is at 
and it starts April 14th!  It's $25 to buy into the pot.  I kept it reasonable for everyone.  Invite your friends too!

~ You weigh in starting a couple of days before and submit a photo of the scale and one full length body shot.  Which is kept confidential.  It is just used to verify things.  Your weight is not posted any where for anyone to see.  Dietbet has precautions in place to prevent cheating and if you want to see what exactly they do please check out the link at the bottom of this post that tells you how it works.

~  Then go!  You have 28 days to lose 4% of your body weight.  It seems like a lot depending on how much you have to lose but it's do-able.  Get motivation from your fellow competitors.  A lot of have become friends through the games.

~  After the end, you send in a picture of your scale shot with the word Dietbet assigns you.  If you lose the 4% you split the pot with everyone else that makes their 4%.

Join in if you want.  Nothing like a little bit of friendly competition and extra money in your pocket :)

To check out how it works:

My last Dietbet, the group lost over 4,000 pounds and took home around $35 out of a $20 bet.

(Yes I get compensated by Dietbet.  Doing these games is allowing me to help pay for college)

Monday, April 7, 2014

At Least I'm Not Fake

So as I sit here struggling, I have to sit back and least I'm not fake :)

I'll never be one of those people that seem to effortlessly lose weight, have my kids perfectly well behaved or my house looking like it should be on Pinterest. lol

About my weight loss?  I've been bouncing between 180-185 for a little while now.  It's not where I really want to be because I am kind of limited on my clothing options in my closet lol

I'm not really beating myself up over it though.

I've had a few people that are fellow bloggers gasping because I am fully open about it.  It's nothing to be ashamed of, I don't feel like I've let anyone down & certainly don't feel like I'm setting a bad example.

A bad example would be me being dishonest & pretending I'm still at my goal or pretending I'm perfect.

We as humans, are born to make mistakes.  If we didn't we would never learn.  

I know I see faked perfection all over the place & it just leaves me shaking my head.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing the struggle.

Like now, I know what I need to do.  I really do.  The bad thing with helping people is that I read everything about health & fitness.  Everything.....from the cheesy fitness magazines to case studies.  

It's pretty damn overwhelming.  So if you've noticed me scaling back on my FB page on everything except positive quotes, it's for a reason.  I must focus on myself more.

I need to get back to basics.  Tracking, eating generally healthy & moving my body.  That has been what I've always done.

See?  I know what I need to do & I'm forming a out lol

So yeah....I'll keep airing my business on my blog & hopefully you'll take comfort in knowing that I'm human just like you and that despite the ups and downs you'll also know you can still do anything you set your mind to.


Monday, March 31, 2014

April Arm Challenge!

I've been wanting to do another monthly exercise challenge and decided to do arms again :)  It's really beginner friendly.  If you want more of a challenge then do a few circuits of this.  Trust me, you'll feel it either way!

If you need modifications I have them!
How to do a pushup:

Here are two kinds of modified pushups:

How to do a tricep dip:

A modification for tricep dips:

How to do a mountain climber:

A modified mountain climber:

With the mountain climber you are going to alternate each leg per count....right leg 1, left leg 2, right leg 3, left leg 4.  Kinda of like you are climbing something ;)

Are you in with me this month?  If so go ahead and print out the first picture and dooooo it!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: Polar Loop

My husband was a really awesome guy and bought me a Polar Loop (& a really pretty necklace) for our 11th anniversary last week.  Did I mention he is awesome?  ;)

So this is the Polar Loop: 

This is an activity tracker.  You wear it all day and it keeps track of your steps, daily calories burned (not just workout), monitors your sleep patterns and pushes you to your activity goal for the day.  Kind of sounds like a Fitbit doesn't it?  Wait though!  It also will monitor your heart rate and make your calories a lot more accurate if you pair it with the chest strap/transmitter for your heart rate (I have an H7 bluetooth strap, pictured below)

The chest strap really isn't anything I notice.  I'm used to wearing one for my workouts and wasn't so sure about wearing one all day.  My verdict?  I forgot it was there lol if it's too uncomfortable then you might want to adjust the strap.

It also has an app and a website where you sync it up to
Here is a peak into mine :)  You can see how long I wore it for each day too.

Did I mention it is water proof for swimming?  I haven't tested that out obviously....our weather in Louisiana is pretty but we haven't been warm long enough to get into my pool lol


I posted a picture of this on my page earlier and I know it's confusing if you don't know what you are looking for.  

I wanted to see if it was really accurate so today I wore both to cut my back yard.  The black bracelet is the Loop and the purple is a Polar FT60 (which you only wear for working out).  I started the FT60 when the Loop read 990 so it's pretty dead on with the calorie burn.  You can wear one chest strap and both will pick up your heart rate.

Color me impressed.

Now the Cons:

1.  The chest strap is sold seperately (luckily I had one already)
2.  The Flow app is a little buggy but if you let Polar know they are really good about fixing it.
3.  The Flow app for android won't be out until the end of this month....although you can always sync it up to your computer until then.
4.  It has a custom charger but a lot of things are like that.


Over all I'm really pleased with it.  The battery on the unit lasts for 5 days & it charges pretty fast.  Once you invest in it, there are no additional fees and if you ever have a problem with it or any other Polar unit, just contact their customer service.  They are super friendly and will help you out!

It retails for around $100 and the chest strap/transmitters are around $60.  The cheapest looks to be on Amazon.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Why I Don't Quit

Things get hectic, stressful & down right crazy sometimes.  It gets hard to find time to exercise, plan my meals.....and it's just so tempting to just take the kids to eat at Chick Fil A.  Honestly, sometimes we do.  Gosh, last week we went there 3 times.  Ugh.

Why don't I just up and quit when I have a set back like this?

Because this healthy thing is for me.  I want this for myself & I don't ever want to get back to 360 pounds or close.

It's not a cool weight to be at.  I had trouble doing stuff we all take for granted like tieing my shoes, sitting in one of those folding cloth chairs, being able to walk without feeling like my knees were killing me.....normal every day stuff.  Heck, I love tieing my shoes while sitting on the floor & being able to bounce back up now.  On. The. Floor. To. Standing. Without asking to be helped up.

Dude :)

I said tonight that I'm at 180 pounds up from 160 pounds.  

(A reverse before & after)

That might not seem like a lot & it really isn't from where I was but I need to catch it now.

Yes, I know there are a lot of things going around saying you are more than a number....we all are *BUT* it's something we do need to keep an eye on at some point.  That number is the direct result of your mass + gravity.

Maybe I look at it technically instead of with feelings since it has no direct correlation of my self worth.  It's just fat.  I have it & it's there.  (I did not gain 20 pounds of muscle lol)

Ok so now that I've probably pissed some people off lol 

Anyway, like I said....this is for me.  I'm naturally a giver but I am taking this for ME.


Freaking ME.

That's why I haven't given up.  I deserve nothing but the best for myself.

You deserve nothing but the best for yourself too!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Don't build yourself up, by putting someone else down (Vlog)

This has been bothering me for a little while.

We all see the pictures posted or shared on social media with quotes like "Real men like curves, only dogs like bones", the whole Victoria's Secret vs Dove Campaign or larger people being compared to things like whales or featured on People of Walmart.

When has this become acceptable?  This is body shaming.  This is tearing another person down to only build yourself up.

No matter a person's size or looks, we need to promote loving yourself and being the best person you can be.

When is body shaming ok?  It's not. In order for us to grow mentally in a positive direction, we need to put an effort in stopping this.  Body shaming another person only to make you feel better only shows your insecurities.  Find peace within yourselves.

I am not into "fat acceptance" or "thinspo".....I am into "loving yourself".  If you love yourself and happy where you are then great.  If you love yourself and want to change then great.

What if we would build each other up and ourselves & not tear each other apart in order to do it?  How do you think this would change the world?

Be the change.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The "Supermom" Misconception

I'm writing this post as I'm thinking about this picture & the common misconception that for a mom to be the best mom she can be, she needs to put herself dead last in order to take care of her children. 

A lot of moms did not like my picture & they found my email address to let me know :X

For those that don't know....I have 3 kids, one with Asperger's. If my kids aren't bleeding, don't have broken bones & their basic needs are met then I firmly believe there is no reason to not make myself happy.

Love yourself. Not only will you flourish but your children will learn to love & take care of themselves is a normal thing.....because their mom does it.

Kids really do learn more by what their parents do than what you tell them.  (I used to be told as a kid "do as I say & not as I do"...ummmm riiiiight)

I'll give myself as an example if you aren't buying into the whole making yourself a priority still.....

I used to sacrifice my well being, not only for my children but for everyone I knew.  I was busy running for everyone & never said no.

This eventually lead to me to not really knowing who I was anymore.  I felt lost & felt like a failure because of it.

Not taking time to get to know myself lead to depression.  I was absolutely useless to myself & my family.  There were days where I just lay in bed, sending my kids to my dad's house next door for them to be taken care of so I could just sleep.

Heck it got so bad that our bird at the time died because I forgot to feed & water it.

I was so run down, so lost.  I was very hard on myself for not being the perfect "Supermom" that I completely shut down.

The big wake up call was when I got into my SUV & could just envision myself ramming it into a tree to kill myself.  

It scared me so much that I opened up to my best friend & my husband.  They both got me to see someone.

Shortly after I went to a convention, where I signed up for a lot of self help type classes.  For some reason it finally clicked that I needed to love myself & treat myself as my own best friend.....and there was nothing wrong with doing so.

I know my story was a bit on the extreme side but hopefully it can open some eyes.

I still think that we put to much pressure on ourselves & others to be that "Supermom".  Hell, look at Pinterest.  That place makes me feel wonderfully inferior & that's why if you follow me there I only use it to pin my stuff lol

There is no need to be a martyr or give up every single thing or not say no if you are stretched too thin.

Btw, there is a reason if air masks come down in a plane that they want you to put yours on first. You need to take care of you in order to be able to take care of others.

**This wasn't really defending myself from the haters......hopefully it can give them and all of you a reason why I feel the way I do about how we all need to take care of ourselves.  We need to learn to not be so hard on ourselves & others too.  

We only get one life & it's meant to be enjoyed.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I think I know what I want to be when I grow up

I know I posted about a month ago about having my shit together when the direct sales company that I've been a part of for 10 years sold out to another company.  I thought I wanted to write a book and dedicate myself to the fitness world....the more I thought about it the more it didn't sound like a good idea.  I love health and fitness but I always felt guilty for charging for my advice.  Hell you could put in the leg work, Google and learn for yourself like I did....the information is out there.

A few days after I thought I knew what I wanted, I read in the news that the Audubon Nature Institute (they own the zoo, aquarium, etc here) was going to rebuild the Louisiana Nature Center, 7 years after Katrina destroyed it.

It woke me up like a cold bucket of water poured over my head.

So a little bit of background.....I started volunteering at the Nature Center when I just turned 13 (I was really 12, they didn't know lol).  It turned into my home away from home.  This was the place I ran to when things got tough at home.  I made life long friends that I talk to even now.  I learned about Louisiana, the good and the bad.  I learned about the animals and the environment....and why these things are so important.  I didn't leave the Nature Center until after I moved to Florida to be with my husband, when I was 23.  

I went to college before I had my oldest and my major was biology but I never did finish.  Louisiana native wildlife has always been what I wanted to be involved in.  

Ok back to the present.

After a lot of soul searching, I decided to go back to college for Environmental Biology.  

I don't care if I work for Audubon or somewhere like Wildlife & Fisheries or a state park.  I just know that I want to be on this path.  A path I put to the side when I started a family.  It's time to fight for this now that I have reclaimed my health.

So I applied and got accepted at the University of New Orleans (UNO)!  I start this summer.

What does this mean for you?  Nothing really except probably seeing how I juggle college, 3 kids with a traveling husband, eating healthy and exercising.  Should be interesting ;)

Just thought I would update y'all on my plans.  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Race Recap: New Orleans Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon

I know y'all have probably heard all about my second 1/2 marathon if you follow me on Facebook haha but humor me and let me talk about it again.

**First I want to thank every single person that stopped me & introduced themselves at the expo and on the race course.  I really do love meeting my readers <3**

If started off Saturday at the health and fitness expo to pick up our race packets.  We brought the kids and decided to make a day of it.

My youngest two rocking it out at the expo
I made my way to the Tweetup at the stage to listen to my friend, Dani, from Weight Off My Shoulders.  We became friends through our pages and it was great to finally meet her!

Me & Dani
After the expo we took the kids to the aquarium.  We go there a lot and we love to pretend we are tourists lol

My husband & I at the aquarium

My 3 minions

Now on to the race on Sunday!  We got there bright and early to catch the shuttles to the start.  If you see me up before 5am just know that I'm either running a race or going fishing. I am so not an early morning person but for those two things I am. lol

Ready to run!
My husband runs faster than I do so we kinda went our separate ways when it was time to run.  

Let's geaux!
I did really really well half way into it.  My 10K time was 1:05 and that is a big PR from my original time of 1:25!  

Halfway selfie lol
After that it kind of went down hill.  I felt like I hit a wall plus I twisted my leg on St. Charles (gotta love the glorious bad streets of New Orleans).  The good part of that is that I found a walking partner....her name is Diane from Gretna.  We talked the entire time.  I gave up on PRing this race and I just wanted to finish.

Which I did ;)  I was so worried that I would have to be picked up.

At the finish!  I felt like my leg was going to fall off.

I'm in love with my bling!

My husband finished his first 1/2 Marathon!
 So other than the injury, it was a very fun race :)  The best thing is that I think I got my husband hooked.  I am so unbelievably proud of him!  It is so cool to share running with him.

I will definitely run this race again.  A word of advice though.....sign up for this race series as soon as possible.  It can get pretty expensive.  It's worth it to cross the finish line though! 

Now, I just need a medal holder for my 1/2 marathon bling lol

Oh and in case you want to join me, my scheduled races are:
The 504K on February 15th (it's a 5.04K) - New Orleans
St Charles Bridge Run on April 5th - Destrehan/Luling
Run or Dye on April 12th - New Orleans
The Crescent City Classic 10K on April 19th - New Orleans
The Walking Dead Escape (I'll be a walker!) on May 24th - New Orleans
Crescent City Bridge Run on June 7th - New Orleans
Rocketchix Triathlon on July 26th - Baton Rouge
Gulfcoast Half Marathon in October - Mandeville
Woman's Half Marathon in December - Baton Rouge
(I'll probably add more to this....if you want me to join you and you are in my area let me know and I'll see what I can do to sign up!)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Giveaway time! Diva Headbands

Y'all know I absolutely love these headbands right?  

(me after a workout today....which included burpees and stuff like jumping jacks)

They are backed with velvet & that helps them stay put no matter what I do with them.

If you want to win one please check out my facebook fan page!  It's super easy to enter just like Diva Headband's fan page, share the picture then comment which one out of the 4 in the picture you'd like to win.  

Good luck y'all!